Moving to the site of our Sifton-Cook Heritage Centre

It was in the midst of pouring rain and lightening flashes, the 1860s cottage was moved from its Illahee location to a temporary location at “the barracks” site on Orr Street After a not entirely uneventful journey the building was set down on temporary wooden cribs just a few feet to the east of the “barracks” end wall. The final phase of the move will take place after the permanent foundation has been built. At that time the building will be rolled sideways on steel beams and lowered onto its final resting place at the far east end of the future Sifton-Cook Heritage Centre.

Plans for the cottage call for it to serve as an administrative office for the Centre as well as providing meeting rooms, washrooms and a gift shop.

It took a host of people to get us this far, particularly Kevin Doble who is developing West Colony Bay on the Illahee property. He generously donated the cottage and the cost of the move to the Museum Foundation. As the cottage moved though the streets of Cobourg it bore signs acknowledging the contributions of others who provided necessary services such as site preparation and the raising of wires along the route. Those who donated their services were Bell Canada, COGECO Cable, Lakefront Utilities, Cobourg Fiberoptic Networks Inc, Skratts Tree Service, Jim Doubt Architects and Engineers, and Behan Construction. Total value of the move was approximately 45,000 dollars, all at no cost to the Foundation.

Foundation Vice President, Keith Oliver acted as project coordinator, and with the help of Board Members Stanley Isherwood and Don Pirie, prepared the building for its move.

A second building, a wooden drive shed, was moved at the same time and will find its new home on the neighbouring “Calcutt” property just to the south of the cottage. Plans are that it will provide additional space for special projects undertaken by the Sifton-Cook Heritage Centre when appropriate.