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An Invitation from Mary Dunphy, Volunteer Coordinator

“Open up your future, while discovering your past…”

Whether you are looking for something to occupy your time, to meet people in your community, to gain skills for your future, create a better public presence for your small business, or just contribute to a very worthwhile cause, we have an opportunity for you!

The Cobourg Museum Foundation has been lucky to work with some great volunteers who have donated their time and skills to helping with both Board and administrative needs, as well as with the construction and operation of the Sifton-Cook Heritage Centre. We are grateful to all those who have helped in the past, and who have committed to helping in the future. The Centre is now up and running, to great reviews, but there are still a lot of opportunities to help

We Need YOU!


Why volunteer? Because you will not only be helping your community, but also helping open doors for your future!

Volunteers can gain new skills by working with leaders in a number of projects. Your work with us will help to update your resume, and you will make connections in your community that could lead to employment and advancement opportunities. Do you want to add leadership and project management skills to your resume? Why not volunteer to head up one of our fundraising campaigns?

Local Business Community:

Volunteering on such a project helps make this a viable community in which your business can thrive. Your presence and your work are on public display in a new way.


Looking to spend more time together? Sign up as a group to come out and lend a hand.


Your experience is invaluable, and there are all sorts of opportunities for you to share it. See the list which follows.

Can you find your place in this list?

Board Members: People with specific skills or interests related to the CMF, the Sifton-Cook Heritage Centre, or possible future projects are needed to serve on the Board or its Working Groups.

Fundraisers: We would like to organize one major, and possibly a few minor, fundraisers each year. So we are also looking for people to help organize, and carry out the fundraising campaigns.

Interactive Staff: Gift shop attendants, guides and interpreters are vital so that we can remain open from June – September.  A few hours a week is a great help – and orientation is provided.

Exhibit Development: For those with an interest in helping to research, construct, and produce first-class exhibits for the Sifton-Cook Heritage Centre.

Construction Professionals and Labourers: A variety of skills are still needed to complete restoration of  the Administration Cottage of the Sifton-Cook Heritage Centre and its limestone Exhibit Hall.

If you are interested in being a part of the Sifton-Cook Heritage Centre, even if you don’t find your place listed above, please contact me, Mary.

Mary Dunphy |  905-373-7222  |  info@cobourgmuseum.ca