AUTHOR TALKS – The Alderville Story

We are very happy to be welcoming author BRIAN BEAVER to share with us some of the stories which make up his recently released “Alderville First Nation – A History”.  Our friend Rick Beaver, has this to say about it: This book is, in many ways like a canoe, a creation of above and below […]

AUTHOR TALKS – Booking A Murder

Our Friend, the History Guy, DAN BUCHANAN, is author of a number of books relating to the history of this area.  One is the detailed story of one of The Heinous, The Heroic & The High Flyers, namely Dr. William King.  Dr. King was the last person executed in Northumberland.  After he was found guilty […]


In honour of circus impresario, Port Hope’s The Great Farini, the Circus is coming to town!   Don’t expect lions and tigers, or even a BIG TOP, but do expect fun. We will be featuring Circus Dancers from Premier Dance, Young Magicians, Games of Skill & Strength, Popcorn! Come one, Come all!  Admission is FREE!!!!!


Our guest musician today will be the BUSKER BROTHERS.  Steve Shortt and Jamie Hunt are a pair of musicians who reside in Northumberland County and have been together since 2014  They are an acoustic guitar duo who have a background in community theatre, along with a love of music and performing. They play a great […]

George Parker’s Railway Talk

As acknowledged expert on all things having to do with Cobourg’s historic railways, GEORGE PARKER will be sharing some of his vast knowledge.  Much of it has been gained as George researched for the amazing models which are on display in the Heritage Centre. Today’s topic is:  Dumble’s Dilemma – Getting the ore through the […]

The Cockburn Society Presents…

The first Monday of August is designated as Cockburn Day in Cobourg, in honour of James Cockburn, our Father of Confederation. For the occasion, we are very pleased to welcome back THE TWO ROBS, Washburn & Franklin, chief members of The Cockburn Society.   More details to come……. You are reminded to bring a folding chair.


Returning for a second tour is a trio of performers who are members of the New Ventures Band.   THE COBOURG TRIO, Linda Hudson , Joanne Hearst and Rob Hearst will be performing on two flutes and a guitar.  They play a variety of music including classical and popular tunes. You are reminded to bring a […]


This Sunday afternoon we will be welcoming back to our outdoor stage a pair of musical performers, MIKE COLE and ANNE DELONG, together known as A & M Crossing. Mike and Anne are known both locally and wider afield, having performed at summer festivals and jams since 2015.  Anne plays bass with the Corktown Fiddlers […]


This afternoon we welcome DAVE SEALE.  A local from his beginning, Dave was born in Cobourg General Hospital and raised north of town in Hamilton Township. Musically he has performed with The County Town Singers, The Durham Philharmonic Choir, the Oriana Singers and the Trinity United Church Chancel Choir. He is also a keyboardist/vocalist for […]


On June 9, 2012, the gates of the Sifton-Cook Heritage Centre were first opened to the public.  Since then we have been open every summer to welcome guests from far and near.  It may not be a long time, but certainly worth celebrating, and that is what we will do.